Summer training - Andreas summer essentials for multi-sports

Summer training - Andreas summer essentials for multi-sports


Meet Andreas, our E-commerce Coordinator, who’s best described as a sporty nomad. He found joy in sports and movement while playing football, handball, and badminton in his younger days. Now, he tries to survive on his weekly runs, rides, and WODs.


When the job and daily routine involve sitting in front of a screen monitoring the SAYSKY webshop, it’s essential for Andreas to get out and move daily. First and foremost, this keeps his body healthy, but even more importantly, it clears his mind and provides some real-life action. A social ride, run, or team WOD in the gym is the best way to commit to something together while keeping the electronics stored away.

Whether he’s running or lifting heavy weights, he always knows exactly what to wear - See some of his essentials right here.


Only problem is that Andreas is struggling to find enough hours in the day for all the activities he wants to pursue. Combining multiple CrossFit sessions each week with bike rides, runs, and football training has made him a well-rounded athlete. He can handle any sport thrown at him, but he’s definitely not the best at any one of them.


Andreas began his career at SAYSKY in the summer of 2023, but the brand has been a part of him for years, ever since he received his first piece of SAYSKY gear in 2015. Occasionally, he comes into the office wearing his old-school gear, taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane by showing up dressed from head to toe in the previous styles and collabs made throughout the years.

Though we don’t have the old-school styles any more, Andreas is a huge fan of the Combat T-shirt matched with The Pace Shorts for when he goes running, and when he’s doing CrossFit it’s alway The Motion Collection he’s rocking.

See what he picked as his favourite gear right here.