SAYSKY Wash and Care

Taking care of your SAYSKY products

If you ever bother reading the SAYSKY wash and care labels (and we hope that you do), you'd come across this statement: "Wearing this product makes you an athlete".

Which is true, because in our book, you're an athlete when you're passionate and dedicated about your sport, irregardless of level and ambition. But, just like the serious athletes tend to their bodies with great care, so should you when it comes to your apparel.

Wash and Care Instructions

Respecting the following instructions will increase the longevity and enjoyment of your SAYSKY product(s):
  • Wash at 30 degrees or less 
  • Wash inside out
  • Wash with similar colors
  • Do not use softener
  • Do not dry clean
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not iron
  • Remove prompt from washer
  • Always high-five other SAYSKY athletes
  • For the more sensitive products such as all merino items and the aero suits, we recommend that you use a wash bag 

Merino Care Guide

Due to the delicate nature of our lightweight merino wool products, please pay close attention to our care instructions to secure a long life for your merino products.

  • Use a wash bag
  • Use a low spinning wash cycle dedicated to wool and delicate products
  • Use cold water wash of maximum 30 degrees
  • Use only wool specific washing detergent
  • Always lay flat to dry
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not Iron

If you have any questions or claims, please don't hesitate to reach out: