We’re all about passion and love for the sport of running – something we share with the peers of the industry. This is why, we’ve created the SAYSKY Industry Program, which provides exclusive pricing to members. The SAYSKY Industry Program is reserved for individuals professionally involved with running in one of the following ways below:

You’re eligible to apply, if you’re:

  • A running coach, mentor or personal trainer
  • Working in a specialised running retailer
  • Employed in a company or brand with its main business within the running industry
  • A journalist, editor or freelance writer for a running publication (digital and print)

You’re still welcome to apply if you don’t fit any of the above, but you’re somehow still involved with running in a professional way.

Please also note the following:

  • Membership is by application and not guaranteed and will always be subject to our SAYSKY Industry Program policies.
  • All applications require current documentation to be considered for approval.
  • Once your application has been submitted, please expect to hear back from us within a few business days.
  • By submitting your application, you also agree to the SAYSKY Industry Program policies (see below). 



Please take a moment to review and familiarise yourself with the policies of the SAYSKY Industry Program:

  • Purchases are for your personal use only. You may not place orders for family members, friends or coworkers unless explicitly stated otherwise by SAYSKY.
  • Your SAYSKY Industry Program member pricing is strictly confidential. Please do not discuss your discount and pricing with anyone.
  • Products obtained through your SAYSKY Industry Program membership are covered by the general SAYSKY terms and conditions.
  • Products obtained through your SAYSKY Industry Program membership may not be resold under any circumstance.
  • Your personal discount voucher is specifically for you and should not be shared under any circumstance.
  • All memberships are only valid for one year, after which you can re-apply for another year using the same form above.
  • SAYSKY Industry Program membership is a privilege and not a right. Abuse of any of the above policies will result in permanent removal from the program.

Any questions regarding these policies or the SAYSKY Industry Program, please contact: support@saysky.dk