SAYSKY Stay Brave

Stay Brave: by the SAYSKY founder

Words by the SAYSKY founder and CEO: Lars C. Pedersen


Big goals take courage. Not only to get started, but also to stay onto them when they seem hard to reach. When you have chosen the path to a Personal Best you will undoubtedly go through the territory of the unknown – it is the very fundamental idea of the PB. The same goes for all other personal goals where you push your limits to new places.


When I browse through our worldwide #saysky tribe, I see so many brave athletes with inspiring and ambitious goals. You guys are already on a journey, or pursuit of something bigger – it is not about ‘being’ but ‘staying’ brave. Many of you have overcome the first step of being brave. Now it is about staying brave. Not to surrender. To Keep fighting and stick with the plan. To believe what you put in motion is right.


I have paced many fellow athletes in their pursuit of reaching the marathon finish line before the clock hits 3:00:00 – in the end it is a brutal second defining success from failure. I try not to talk too much when I am pacing. I want people to get into their own motivational rhythm and meditative zone – my service is to help them getting into that zone. They shouldn't think about pace, split times, running in the shadow, or to take every turn right. Just run.


I try to say small motivational statements every now and then to ignite personal concentration. Stay Brave is one of my favorites. Stay Brave is on repeat in my own head when things get tough in a race.  In the marathon the critical part is normally around 28k to 38k. This is where the little guy on my shoulder called ‘self-esteem’ wants to crack. My Stay Brave repetition most often keeps him from cracking and when we hit 38k he starts screaming ‘Finish it’ like a mad guy – I agree with him and grind my teeth.


SAYSKY is about believing in dreams. About dreaming big. About looking up, not down. About staying optimistic.


With Corona trying to f*ck us up these days, ‘Stay Brave’ is more relevant than ever. We need to stick to the plan set out for us. To respect the plan set out by our ‘coach’. We need comradery, companionships and mental high fives transferred by smiles and lively eyes.


The whole world is in unknown territory – we need to make sure we all reach the finish line.  We need to stick together and motivate each other when things get tough - Just like we have done inside the SAYSKY Tribe since day one. I might have big expectations about you, but I truly believe that SAYSKY athletes are made of something ‘tough’. Lead by example.


On behalf on the whole SAYSKY team,  

Stay safe, stay brave everyone.


Lars C. Pedersen

Founder and CEO