SAYSKY Year Five

The History of SAYSKY: Year Five

This is the fifth and final blog post in a series of five about the history of SAYSKY. We're celebrating our 5-year anniversary on July 1 and we'll be looking back upon each of the five years with pictures and stories. Read below for the history of SAYSKY: Year Five.


An Athletic Boost to Keep the Pace

With an increasing amount of races and events, it was time to staff up again so we could keep the pace. SAYSKY is driven by a passionate team of athletes, who're all crazy about sports. We're not the elite or even remotely the best out there. But,  we're the community that we serve and sport is an important part of our daily lives.


SAYSKY Athlete Michael Jeppesen

SAYSKY athlete Michael Jeppesen in action at the second edition of SAYSKY COP RUN x Trailman.


SAYSKY athlete Michael Jeppesen was just the man that we were looking for. He was the first athlete to join our team back in 2014, so he was well accustomed to the SAYSKY way of life. He'd already played an important role in putting SAYSKY on the map, with his many great results and race participations.

Michael is now a crucial team asset and helping us with everything from events, races and expos to the logistics and warehouse management.


SAYSKY German Athletes

Our German SAYSKY athletes having fun in the transition zone at the SAYSKY COP RUN in Berlin.


Running Champions of Germany

However, Michael wasn't the only athletic boost during our fifth year. We also began sponsoring and working together with a group of the fastest runners in Germany. They're all incredibly fast on anything from 1500m to the full marathon distance.

During our short time together, they've already managed to win team gold (alongside a lot of individual honours) at the German national championships on the marathon and half marathon distances - in both 2017 and 2018. You can check out the guys right here.


SAYSKY COP RUN European Invitational

Wild scenes from the SAYSKY COP RUN European Invitational Tour in Berlin. This was our most recent race, while also being the 25th edition since we started. Surprisingly, this was the first one with rain - and lot's of it.


Year of the SAYSKY COP RUN

With a total of ten SAYSKY COP RUN races successfully executed during our fifth year, it was fair to say that it kept us on our toes. We also partnered up with a lot of cool race organisers to create unique and entertaining events.

This included an obstacle course race with Nordic Race, another trail edition with Trailman and finally a winter version with Frost Cup. Although, the highlights of the season were definitely the SAYSKY COP RUN European Invitational Tours in 2017 and 2018. We teamed up with the local running crews and set up races in Amsterdam, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. You'll find all the cool race videos here.


SAYSKY COP RUNSAYSKY COP RUN was awarded as the best race series at the Danish Running Awards in 2017.


Catching Waves in Klitmøller and Los Angeles

The SAYSKY founder, Lars C. Pedersen, is a former professional windsurfer. A lot of the inspiration for the SAYSKY designs comes from the world of surf and board sports. This heritage also played a role in the selection of locations for the upcoming campaign photo shoots.

The AW17 lookbook was shot in the picturesque Klitmøller, located in the north of Denmark. Klitmøller is commonly referred to as Cold Water Hawaii, because of all the surfers roaming the local waters.


SAYSKY AW17 RunningKlitmøller provided a very scenic backdrop for the AW17 lookbook shoot.


For SS18 we decided to look for warmer waters and hopped on the plane to Los Angeles - a city with a very laid-back and casual attitude. The city of angels is a true runners paradise with it's many beaches, parks and surrounding hills. We fell in love with the lifestyle over there and we'll definitely be back again.


SAYSKY SS18 RunningRunning from underneath the pier at the iconic Santa Monica beach in Los Angeles.


Memorable Marathon Memories

We have a lot of great stories and experiences from marathons throughout the years. Copenhagen Marathon is always very special, since it's our home turf and the course is conveniently located just outside of the SAYSKY HQ office windows.

The 2018 edition is something we'll look back upon in the coming years as well. We created a fantastic powerzone for all the runners together with Marathon Sport. It was a huge party mix of arches, banners, flags, fire guns and a live dj. You'll find all the pictures right here.


SAYSKY Athlete Tom WadeSAYSKY Athlete Tom Wade running through the SAYSKY arches at the 2018 Copenhagen Marathon. This was his debut marathon and he crossed the finish line in an impressive 2:22:30.



SAYSKY Cologne Pop-Up

We opened our first pop-up store in 2017. It was in Cologne at the same time as the local marathon.


The 2017 Cologne Marathon was also a milestone in the SAYSKY history. We opened a local pop-up store in the days leading up to the big race. This was our first-ever pop-up store, but definitely not our last. We're already thinking about what cities and races to hit in the future.


What's Up Right Now

We just launched the highly anticipated SAYSKY Aero Suit 3.0 - a lethal triathlon weapon designed to take down the competition in style. Moreover, the SS18 collection has been one of our strongest to date, with especially the floral and tropical styles being in very high demand.

Now, we're just enjoying the summer and logging a lot of miles, while preparing for the launch of our AW18 collection. We have a lot of new and interesting gear lined up, which we can't wait to show you. But, until then... Keep it running out there.


SAYSKY Aero Suit 3.0The SAYSKY Aero Suit 3.0 is a premium and highly technical triathlon suit - not made for walking !


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