Where to run in Cologne

The where-to-run series is about to end for 2019, and we are happy to deliver another instalment - this time guiding you through the cosy, yet busy city Cologne. As with our other guides, this one will also provide you with insights on where to find the best running routes in the city. Lace up for a great run! 

Cologne is the largest city on the river Rhine and is over 2000 year's old. It therefore comes as no shock that the city is a landmark of medieval and gothic architecture. The local museum even showcases many masterpieces of Picasso from the 20th-century. If you haven't visited this historical city, you better pack your bags and remember a pair of running shoes as well! 

Cologne running guide: 
We have teamed up with Jasmina, captain of the running crew Run Squad CGNwho are based in Cologne. Jasmina has promised to give her best advice on the below:

  1. Best scenic/tourist run
  2. Best long run
  3. Best tempo run
  4. Best interval run
  5. Best park run
  6. Best soft surface run
  7. Best hill run

Read the full guide below the picture. 

SAYSKY Guide   

1) Best scenic/tourist run
Is probably along the Rhine: on one side you run along the „Rheinauhafen“ (harbour) with impressive new architecture, the cathedral and the promenade at the old part of the city.

On the other side, you run through a green area and have a great view over the harbour with it’s fantastic architecture, and the cathedral. And you have seven bridges, so you can cross the Rhine several times and spend hours exploring. 

2) Best long run
I used to do my long runs through the Stadtwald, that’s our forest. Cologne has an artificial water system running through the whole Stadtwald, starting from our Park “Aachener Weiher”. So you can almost follow the little rivers and lakes. I recommend to run along the Decksteiner Weiher, which has a lovely tree avenue and of course around the quite impressive Rhein Energie Stadion. Or do the „7-bridges-run“ over the Rhine. Another recommendation would be to run through the Blücherpark up to the Fühlinger See, but you have to check the route before as you have to cross some streets and run along smaller paths.

3) Best tempo run
Probably either on track - we have a really good one from our Sports University SPOHO - or at the Rheinauhafen. The flat course and wide path for pedestrians is made for fast intervals, for example in your long runs. But we use the „Stadionwiesen“ as well for speed training and intervals, that’s a big green right in front of the Rhein Energie Stadion with a 1k asphalt course. 

4) Best interval run
Definitely on track of the SPOHO, it’s quite new and the University takes good care of it. Only you officially have to be a student, but nobody is checking it. 

5) Best park run
I guess that’s in our „Grüngürtel“, either along the „Aachener Weiher“ or in any other parts of it. Other nice parks for running are the „Beethovenpark“ or the „Blücherpark“.

6) Best soft surface run
We have soft surface in almost all our parks and in the Stadtwald as well - but if you want to try some „different“ - run on the trotting track in Köln-Weidenpesch or in the sand of the beaches along the Rhine. But you should check the Water level before, the Rhine escalates sometimes.

7) Best hill run
Herkulesberg, that’s my favorite for my hill rep sessions! It’s in the northern part of the Grüngürtel and with it’s asphalt surface perfect for speed sessions. There is another hill right in the Stadtwald next to “Adenauer Weiher” with soft surface if you prefer some trail feeling.