SAYSKY racing

7 Days Back-2-Back: #sayskyracing is not cancelled

This is instalment no. 8 in the #SAYSKYRACING is NOT Cancelled series. We'll drop a new challenge every week to keep you guys going over the summer.


Challenge: 7 days back-2-back

The past two challenges have been all about speeding and all-out efforts. Now we change the pace a little bit and challenge you to enjoy the summer with 7 days of back-2-back running. No days off. You know the drill.

Log a run every day from June 22 - June 28 to complete the challenge and take part in the lottery for 5 x Tiger No. 1 Combat Tee's.

SAYSKY racing

How to register and take part in the race/lottery:
  • Race period: June 22 - June 28.
  • Submit your result before June 30, 9.00am CEST.
  • Upload a picture on your Instagram feed showing your 7 days of running back-2-back (it doesn't need to be the first image shown, since we know that you care about your feed).
  • The easiest way to prove this is via your Strava profile. Just hit the profile button and then you'll see it displayed under "THIS WEEK".
  • Remember to include #SAYSKYRACING in the caption.


No - you do not get a medal, finisher tee, diploma or race bib for this challenge. If you know of other ways, than the suggested Strava approach, then you're of course also welcome to do so. Also, all lottery winners will be contacted directly and announced here.


Lottery Winners

  • Zoe Clark
  • Laura Lodge
  • Markus Tressl
  • Janet Worster
  • Alex Johnston