Faxe Kondi x Saysky - Episode 1 - Faxe Kondi Stafet

Faxe Kondi x Saysky - Episode 1 - Faxe Kondi Stafet

This is Martin. An elite runner. He’s getting ready for the big Faxe Kondi x Saysky 5k race. A Film crew has decided to follow him and his unique training - which resulted in three funny episodes.


Here in the first episode, we have taken a trip to the track, where the hard and targeted training towards the big race on June 3rd is taking place - because as Martin himself says: "Many athletes think that long-distance running is all about endurance - but really it isn’t".

Watch here to find out what Martin refers to when he talks about the "perfect training session".

Episode 2 - Rabbit Running Crew - released on May 2nd.

Episode 3 - Ready For Race Day - released on May 9th.

The upcoming Faxe Kondi x Saysky collection will be available from May 9th.

The collection will be available for purchase from May 31st at 10.00am CEST.

Faxe Kondi x Saysky 5k - on June 3rd. More info.