SAYSKY Spring/Summer 2021: Drop 5 Lookbook

We’re cruising into summer like… It’s time to celebrate the final drop 5 of the Spring/Summer 2021 collection - launching on May 27th at 10.00am CEST - right here.

Do you have to look fast to be fast? To us, cruising means running relaxed with a smile and enjoying the good moments. We want to embrace the simplicity of running, while having fun on the roads and letting ourselves be free and just feel the vibe. Our new print challenges the perception of looking fast and often choosing the altered route with a positive attitude.

The new Cruising Tortoise collection introduces a new print of turtles, approaching the summer with an ease and chill attitude. The styles come in a delicate dusty rose tone, as well as in black, both with tortoise print and cruising print on the back.