SAYSKY Suffer Patrol

The SAYSKY Suffer Patrol

The SAYSKY ‘Suffer Patrol’ is inspired by the surf term ‘Dawn patrol’. This is a small unified unit who is out surfing at dawn - on a mission to be the first to catch the waves, when the sunlight cracks dawn.

As a passionate and committed endurance sport athlete, you’ll have to accept that ache, agony and ail are all inevitable eventualities.

The Suffer Patrol is synonymous with the SAYSKY athlete community - whether in racing or training hard. We’re a small squad who sticks together in an unbounded running comradery.

Suffering is the essential ingredient

We’re not frightened to choose missions, where suffering is the essential ingredient to success. This is where the fights are against the kilometers and the rewards are measured in PB’s.

SAYSKY Suffer Patrol

Some missions are suicidal

The core mentality of the group is to accept that some missions are suicidal, but the adventure is too fascinating to miss out.

Often times the thrill is the hunt for the one in front you. 

The road to success is harder when patrolling in the foggy mornings or running through the dark nights. But, you always return with a smile on your face. You’re on a mission. You are the Suffer Patrol.

The SAYSKY Suffer Patrol is not afraid to run in the front or lead the pack, to battle the giants or to run down the altered path. We lift people up and don’t shoot them down. This is the Suffer Patrol.

SAYSKY Spring/Summer 19: Suffer Patrol

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