SAYSKY COP RUN is a relay-style race based on intervals, where team spirit and collective efforts are the key words. The courses are short and fast and we invite you to go all-out. But don’t be scared, all paces and faces are welcome.
- All the courses are loops of approx. 1km
- Each of the team’s three members must complete 5 x 1000m (3x5x1000)
- This means that each team must complete 15 rounds to finish
- All teams start at the same time
- Each team will only have one runner out on the course at a time – relay style
- After completing a round, the runner will pass on the relay baton to the next runner in the transition zone
- The order of the runners will remain the same throughout all 15 rounds
    SAYSKY COP RUN is for everybody and we welcome all levels. Going all-out is not defined by actual speed, but by the effort that you put into it. So whether you come to take it chill or go full power, we are sure that you will have a good time together with your friends, training buddies or colleagues.
    - You can compete in the mens/mixed or women’s division
    - Each team consists of three members
    - You cannot compete as an individual
    - Race registrations are non-refundable
      Our great sponsors will make sure that you are being taken care of throughout the entire event. At each SAYSKY COP RUN event you can expect:
      - Professionally arranged and coordinated race
      - Online time keeping with chip system (inside the relay baton)
      - Prizes for the three best teams within each category at each event
      - Nutrition by Vitamin Well and Cliff Bar

      - Music and a great atmosphere


      We do not have a long list of strict rules to follow, but we do encourage you to respect the following guidelines that we have put down to make sure that everybody will have a fantastic experience at SAYSKY COP RUN:

      MUSIC: there is plenty of music in the transition zone and on the course, so please leave the headphones at home. It is a high speed race with many people around you. You need to be attentive. Plus, nothing competes with the beating of your heart.

      KEEP RIGHT: a lot of people go really fast at SAYSKY COP RUN. Therefore, keep right – unless of course that you are overtaking someone.

      TEAM OUTFIT: SAYSKY COP RUN is team event and we think that it would be super cool if you showed up in matching uniforms to emphasise the team spirit of running.

      WARMING UP: we encourage people to go all-out, so to prevent any injuries, please make sure that you are properly warm and ready to go when the gun goes.


      There are photographers at each event to shoot a lot of cool pictures and videos. Since you go five rounds, you are likely to appear in some of the pictures. You are of course very welcome to use these when we publish them on our Facebook page.

      By signing up you also agree to letting us use the pictures for promotional purposes with relation to SAYSKY COP RUN or SAYSKY. You're always entitled to have any pictures of you deleted. If you don't want you picture taken at any of our events, please let us know up front and we'll keep you out of sight. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: support@saysky.dk


      PARKING: you can find public parking spots close to all of our venues, however, please respect the local parking rules. See the specific event page for further information on where to find us.

      PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: there are train/metro stations and busses close to most of our venues. We refer to www.rejseplanen.dk for further guidance.

      USE OF TOILETS: there are no available toilets on the course or at the venue area. Some of the parks and recreational areas that we use will have public toilets. It is a short event, so we recommend that you take care of your needs at home.