SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

The SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race is a low key street race that'll require navigational skills and local city knowledge. In order to win, you'll need to be quick on your feet and even quicker with your decisions.

The race is free, however, there's a very limited number of open slots, so don't wait around if you want to take part.

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The SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race is not for the rookies or those afraid to take the altered path. This is a race for the experienced running vets, so please keep this in mind before signing up:

  • All runners will be dressed in a SAYSKY scrimmage vest, so we can tell who is who and you can see who you'll be running away from.
  • You'll need to track down a couple of checkpoints in a specific order to complete the city-based course.
  • The first checkpoint will be provided during the race briefing, shortly before takeoff.
  • There is no fixed course or path to follow. It's up to you to find the fastest way to the checkpoints through the city.
  • The distance will be somewhere between 5k - 10k. It depends on the number of checkpoints and how well you can navigate the city.
  • Once you reach a checkpoint, you'll get a mark on your wristband so we can see that you've been there.
  • At each checkpoint, you'll be informed about the location of the next checkpoint.
  • You'll start and finish in the same place (Checkpoint 0).
  • The first man and woman to return back with all checkpoint marks wins.

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